June 1st is Parent’s Day

When Mackenzie, our admin, reminded me that today is Parent’s Day, it struck a chord within me as both a parent myself and someone who lost their mother last year. It served as a poignant reminder to appreciate the roles we play and express gratitude for all that our parents have given us. This reflection led me to recognize the different levels of appreciation we have for our parents parallel our own maturation through adulthood.

Sweat and Money

a basic level, we often begin to understand our parents’ contributions when we start making our own money. I recently spoke with an acquaintance whose son just graduated from high school. She glowed with pride as he expressed a newfound understanding of the effort involved in supporting a family and began paying for things out of his own paycheque. This is only the beginning of true appreciation for parents.

Taxi Time

As we venture further into adulthood, we start to grasp the value of time and come to appreciate the significant amount parents invest in their children. Reflecting on the hours spent shuttling kids to activities and lessons, while we struggle to organize our own lives, is a humbling experience. It becomes even more apparent when we witness colleagues achieving success while simultaneously raising young children. Comparing their accomplishments to our own as single individuals makes it difficult to justify the wasted hours. Some may argue that their parents were often away due to their careers, unable to make the same sacrifices but it leads us to the final sacrifice.

Who Are You? No Really?

The ultimate level of understanding as a parent involves grappling with questions of identity. The early years of parenthood consume a significant portion of time. The ideals of being a principled parent quickly dissolve as we face the relentless gauntlet of demands from our young brood. Understanding what is important enough to pursue outside of family is very penetrating. As they grow older and constantly challenge our beliefs, I can only now start to understand the annoyance I must have inflicted upon my dear parents. This reflection also reminds us of those parents with demanding careers, who may have experienced guilt for not being fully present or frustration for not being able to give their all.

The Circle of Care

This journey of appreciation comes full circle when the roles begin to reverse, and children find themselves caring for their aging parents. Witnessing the complex range of emotions that arise during this transition has shown me how significant this stage is for so many individuals. As we commemorate World Parent Day, let us extend our gratitude not only to the parents who selflessly cared for us but also to the children who now care for their parents. Their devotion and sacrifices deserve recognition within this profound circle of care. Cherish these moments with our moms and dads.

If you find yourself in need of assistance or guidance with caring for your senior loved ones, don’t hesitate to contact us. Let us honour the remarkable relationship between parents and children and celebrate the beautiful circle of care that defines our lives.

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