Comprehensive care for seniors and their families.

Beyond Neighbours has the distinction of being founded and led by medical doctors. The entire Beyond Neighbours professional team knows the healthcare system first-hand. 

We also know that the time of transition from hospital to home can be overwhelming, confusing, and often high-risk. We have designed the Hospital Discharge Package for this exact purpose. Our base Hospital Discharge Package is a starting point for services that many people require when they are being discharged from the hospital. However, your loved one may have different requirements, and the services can be tailored accordingly.

Beyond Neighbours-Physician Directed Mobile Seniors Care Service

We Create The Full Package, Tailored For You

Beyond Neighbours, is a complete mobile care service for seniors facilitated by physicians. Your loved ones will be connected with familiar faces that can support them with a broad spectrum of services. This ranges from hygiene care to home blood collection, appointment accompaniment, and more. It starts by building your own community of professional care providers.

We Help You Navigate the Unknown

Misinformation and fast decisions cause confusion and disruption. We’re here to simplify your healthcare journey by presenting the best options to meet your needs. You don’t need to second guess if you’re doing the right thing. We’re here to help you make decisions with confidence.

Kevin’s daughter was overwhelmed by the well-known rushed hospital discharge. She was pressured with options that did not meet Kevin’s needs. Beyond Neighbours guided her to a better discharge plan that better addressed his delirium and mobility.

He was able to return home and avoid an involuntary separation from his wife. Kevin’s daughter was given the confidence to craft a better solution.

Beyond Neighbours-Physician Directed Mobile Seniors Care Service