Beyond Neighbours has launched! This project has been borne out of many years as frustrated physicians watching seniors forced out of their homes. Their needs are unmet by traditional home care and other community supports. Beyond Neighbours is the next generation of home care. What does that mean? First, we offer home care on demand. That means when you or a loved one calls, care will be there. Life throws all sorts of unexpected appointments, tasks or events that can’t be booked ahead, Beyond Neighbours will be there as an extra pair of hands to provide resiliency.

Second, there are no hourly minimums that traditional home care companies require. This is more cost effective. Our staff work for us full time providing consistency and having familiar faces you will come to know and trust.

Third it means better integration between your other healthcare providers such as your family doctor, dentist and physiotherapist. Being backed and led by doctors, our staff are finely attuned to health risks early on and will flag attention to the appropriate healthcare professional.

Finally we are more than a home care company, we are a health care company. We measure and monitor health information that has scientific research supporting the health of seniors.

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